Effective Alternative Concrete Expansion Joint Available in League City Texas

When concrete is poured and settles, it doesn’t just stay solidly still in its place. Because of the temperature difference from weather and the changing of seasons, it actually expands and contracts. That’s why you see lines on concrete. These are intentionally made not so much for aesthetics but to address the tendency of concrete […]

Expansion Joint Buying Advice

Concrete shrinks and expands due to temperature changes. A slab expansion joint keeps your concrete from developing cracks when that happens. If your driveway requires an expansion joint and you’re at a loss on how to buy one, go over the following pieces of advice. Brush up on the basics Know the options available. For […]

We Replace Concrete Joints

Concrete expansion joints are the spaces between sections of concrete. They allow the concrete to expand and contract when the temperature and humidity levels change. Concrete is porous, and water that infiltrates the concrete makes it expand. If the temperature drops, the water may freeze. When it freezes, it expands. This can crack concrete if […]

Repair or Replace Your Old Concrete Driveway

  Nothing lasts forever. Not even concrete. The lifespan of the average concrete driveway is 30 years. However, concrete driveway lifespan is dependent on factors outside of human control such as variations in temperature that cause shrinking and expansion of the concrete slab. Factors within human control include maintenance such as maintaining sealant, replacing expansion […]

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