Concrete Joints And Fillers: Their Purpose And A Texas-Based Company That Offers A Unique Product

In every home that has a driveway or a sidewalk, you may notice several concrete slabs that contain joints or slits in between them. You may perhaps wonder about its purpose, whether it is for practical reasons or just decoration. Today, we will talk about concrete joints, its purpose, and a company that offers an innovative product to seal those joints.

Not Just For Looks

A concrete joint is used in between slabs of concrete in preparation for when it expands or shrinks during changes in temperature. This is to aid in preventing or minimizing cracks. It may also serve as a channel for water to easily disperse, as to not allow it to pool on top of a concrete slab.

Joint Fillers

If and when cracks form on concrete slabs, water tends to seep under them. This causes the concrete to sink or heave. Joint fillers are used to help prevent moisture from entering these cracks. There are several varieties of joint fillers and sealers available from chemical-based sealers to wood, asphalt, vegetable fibers, and more.

Searching For The Best Joint Filler

Perhaps you are searching for the best joint filler for your needs. Natural fillers like wood and vegetable fibers will deteriorate over time, more so than the non-natural varieties. Asphalt can also deteriorate quickly, especially if you live in an area that experiences extreme heat frequently. Chemical-based sealers are similar to asphalt as its durability will also depend on extreme temperature changes. Which brings us to…

A New Kind Of Joint Filler

Plastic joint fillers are gaining in popularity as they combine all the strengths of the previously mention fillers without sacrificing durability. They can be installed easily, making it a great DIY project. They are durable, as they are made from exterior-grade materials. If you are now looking for a company that offers this particular concrete driveway joint filler, then contact Trim-A-Slab. They offer their unique and durable exterior-grade concrete driveway joint fillers with different colors to choose form. So, call or visit them today.