Should I Have Driveway Expansion Joints Caulked?

The idea of placing caulk between two portions of concrete might seem strange, but there is a specialized caulk material made to bond with concrete. Taking better care of the areas where two concrete surfaces join is an important part of improving the overall durability and longevity of your driveway.

The expansion joints on your driveway are where the concrete surface is split into sections. The gap is not typically wide unless damage and uneven settling have occurred. The interruption in the surface is placed there on purpose to provide room for the natural expansion and contraction of the concrete during temperature changes. Without expansion joints, your concrete surface will quickly begin to crack, break, and deteriorate. Concrete surfaces installed right will include expansion joints every few feet.

Problems can develop over time when heavy amounts of rain begin to erode the soil beneath the edges of the concrete at the joint separation. It begins to create an uneven surface. A build-up of ice and snow in the joints can begin forcing the opening wider, leading to cracks and chipping of the concrete. Installation of driveway caulking expansion joints bond with gives you added protection for your concrete surface.

Keeping the expansion joints free of moisture with a material that accommodates the natural expansion and contraction is a solution that works. Seeking the professionally applied driveway caulking expansion joints need to allow your concrete surface to stay in better condition saves money. You’ll get a longer life out of your driveway and need fewer repairs.

Call the concrete experts at and find out more about the benefits of adding caulking protection for your expansion joints today.

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